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We are constantly trying to bring you a better KOG experience; 2022 has two big new changes! We will be using Volleyball Life for our registrations. We got to see it in action in 2021 behind the scenes at The Pottstown Rumble and wow, what a difference it made. Players can check in, see their court assignments, record their scores, and so much more.

The other big change for 2022 is that all of our events are AVP America sanctioned events, so every player must be registered with AVP America. Why? 2-years ago we watched 2 of the largest grass tournaments in our area join AVP America. Since then two important things happened that encouraged us to follow suit. Over 200 organizations across the country have joined; that's an average of over 4 per state! Every bucket list tournament in the country and many grassroots organizations have become members with more and more every month. More importantly, last year we saw so many of our players, adults and juniors, traveling to these events. Over 80% of our players play in other AVP America sanctioned events. That is a staggering number of people. We are confident these two changes will give everyone a better KOG experience.

AVP America


When you click the Regsiter Now button at the bottom of this page, you will proceed to the registration page. Select the date you want to play, then your division. You will need to create your Player Profile during the registration process, if you have not already done so.

Saturday Early Registration

Ends 11:59pm the Thursday before.

Sunday Early Registration

Ends 11:59pm the Friday before.


Always welcome ‐ $10/player extra.

Check-In & Start Time

We work hard to start on time and our new system will have us 1-step closer to starting consistently at 8:30am. This is dependent upon you, the player, being there on time. Registration Check-in is from 7:30AM to 8:15AM. When you arrive onsite check in first, then setup your area. We understand accidents happen and cause delays. If this is the case, call us and let us know so the tournament is not being held up. Tournament start time is 8:30AM.

Typical Tournament Day This is our goal. Once the tournament starts, times can vary between divisions.

Check-In opens.
Check-In closes.
Tournament starts.
Pool play ends.
Playoffs begin.
Tournament over.

Lots of variables affect this timeline. On average, Juniors and BB will finish pool play closer to 1:00 with their day ending around 4:00. Open does not finish pool play until 5:00 most times, with their day ending at dark.

Schedule 2023